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My name is Terri Dodge. I am a NMT* practitioner and have a Ph.D. in Natural Health.
I am happy to offer this effective, scientifically based and clinically researched energetic healing technique for you at an affordable price over the phone wherever you are in the world!

"The NMT Method is based on the idea that there is an informational basis for illness in which the patient's nervous system has become so confused that it doesn't efficiently manage body function. The NMT process works by producing a therapeutic dialog that identifies errors in the patients nervous system organization that contribute to their health problems and retrains the nervous system to do its work more efficiently. This removes blockages of the body's natural healing process."

Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
July 23, 2008


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NMT trains the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way and is based on accepted principles of neurophysiology, physiology, psychology, linguistics, and anatomy. It does not only treat the symptom, but effectively targets the origin of any dis-ease in your neurological system.

Each session is different depending on your needs and lasts between 30-60 minutes.

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Please respect my 24-hour payment and cancellation policy. I ask that all sessions are paid at least 24 hours in advance and after that there's no cancellation.

*NMT = NeuroModulation Technique - The Feinberg Method

NMT is a safe, Effective, and rapid Method of restoring of the Body's inherent Capacity to Heal

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