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You are surely one of the most generous healers I have known. I find you to be intelligent, warm, lighthearted, compassionate and nonjudgmental.  

The sessions have been incredibly relaxing for me.  I can't believe what you can do over the phone from a distance.  I believe your style of NMT is helping with my health issues in conjunction with some other therapies.

Thank you so much.  I am glad I have come to know you.

-Jade in Oregon

Hey, just wanted to let you know what happened that the evening after your phone session with my brother Tim.
Tim is always in excruciating pain, it takes two of us to get him into bed and then in cry's out in pain for at least 2 hours until his body can try to relax, and then he will still have pain throughout the night and has to take pain meds in the night.
That night just as my sister and I got him onto the bed he fell asleep, we had hardly gotten him placed and pillows under his body when he was asleep. He stayed asleep all night without a sound.....we both kept sitting up thinking he was dead as we were not  used to the quiet....he slept all night without a sound until 7 am when we had to get him up for an  appointment.........thanks
He was sitting in his wheelchair after we got him up and he was waiting for the van to take him for his appointment and all of a sudden it dawned on him that he didn't have pain in the night........"I didn't have any pain last night??"  it didn't seem real to him.......

Thanks again!

Maureen in Northern Arizona

Terri Dodge worked with me for about a year with NMT by phone from Arizona to Europe.

I first had to be convinced that a treatment by phone over such a distance could have any
effect. Even though I had heard about such things happening in special cases (like when Edgar Cayce worked with patients), I was not convinced that this would be possible on an "every-day basis" with a common customer like myself.

Second, I had a long-standing respiratory problem that went back to my childhood. Coughs, pulmonary irritations, grating throat and a stuffed nose were with me throughout winter and summer, year in, year out. This has been with me ever since I was 5 years old -- sixty years ago. No traditional treatment helped. The nasal sprays were great, but they were addictive and ceased to work after a short while. Falling asleep was regularly a problem because of the stuffed-up nose. Around work, no one would work close to me because of my "heavy breathing". In short, it was a long-endured frustration, and I was most grateful if *some* treatment could help me.

Terri's NMT did wonders on both counts. Working away in Arizona, Terri had me here in Europe starting to breathe correctly about three months into the treatment. Over the rest of the year, the problem was entirely solved. Now, I get a stuffy nose or a cough like any one, but after the usual while (or even before), it goes away again. I will soon count the first full year in all of my adult years that I've slept with my mouth closed, and that I was sure of waking up with a nose to breathe through.

Terri also worked on a number of other issues, but none responded as well as the respiration, and I am very grateful to her for having given me this great and significant relief.

EK in Spain

This is a letter long in the making. I have been with you since you started learning NMT and have watched you grow and develop your practice.  The gift that God has given you is one that is so very precious - the ability to help others.

I started with the local Dr that you mentioned in you story. I had childhood asthma and allergies.  Although I had not had any episodes of asthma in several years, I was still bothered with occasional wheezing.  As for the allergies, they were getting worse every year.  After my initial treatments by the Dr. I was starting to improve. After he left the area, you took over my treatments.  I have not had any recurrence of allergy attacks nor any wheezing.  (Breathing is good.)

Then 4 years ago, I developed a case of shingles.
My Dr. informed me that there was really nothing he could give me to help cure them. I would have to let them run their course, 3 weeks to several months. I immediately called you and after 3 treatments, I can say that those who knew about the shingles were not only surprised that I did not have any blisters but that I was able to continue working. The nerve pain took the longest to heal but considering that after one week, I had no signs of shingles, I was very happy as I was not in pain. (I would not wish shingles on my worst enemy.)

I want to thank you for working with my sister as well.  She has not had the migraine headaches that would send her home from work and she is also having an easier time with her asthma and allergies. 

Thank you for continuing to offer NMT to all who are willing to consider alternative health
therapy.  May God continue to bless you.

Juanita McCluskey

I started getting treatments from Terri Dodge 4 years ago. She's the most dedicated and hard working natural health doctor you would ever meet. I appreciate that Terri's treatments are very affordable. There's a lot of us that are not wealthy that want good health. NMT treatments have worked very well for me with no side effects.
Before I started NMT treatments, I had suffered with migraines for 30 years. I also have Epstein Barr virus and chronic fatigue. 10 years ago I developed many allergies. I was overweight and 2 years ago started developing symptoms of diabetes.
Now, my blood sugar is great. The chronic fatigue is gone, Epstein Barr is under control, allergies manageable and migraines are gone!
I have lost 55 pounds from the treatments, have no pain and I feel better than I ever remember. I now walk 10-20 miles per week.
My son suffers from depression and chronic fatigue. He doesn't get treatments as often as I do, but the NMT treatments keep him from crashing. His depression has not gone away, but it is now manageable. As he receives further treatments it will continue to improve.
If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience with NMT call me.
Linda 1-928-485-0187

Dear Terri;

I would like to take this time to thank you for literally saving my daughter, Lena. I'm not sure, with all you do, that you remember Lena. Last year, in the early spring, I called you to ask that you treat her, if you could.

The medical doctors had, what it seemed, given up on her. They were just pumping her full of pain pills and could not diagnose her problem. She had, by then, been in a wheel chair for over a year. She had always been very active and being in the chair and the pills were causing her to become extremely depressed and lethargic. With three children to care for and a military husband, she felt like there was no hope for her anywhere. She felt like there was no longer a reason to be alive.

When I heard that statement from her, I feared she would do something that none of us want to even think about. I live here in Arizona and they are stationed in Illinois. There was nothing I personally could do for her to help her situation. Then I heard about you and your talented gift of healing the impossible. You agreed to treat her via the telephone and do what you could.

After only three and a half months of treating her three times a week, at a reasonable rate, you not only diagnosed what was really wrong with her, but she actually was getting out of her wheelchair for short periods. She was also feeling better about herself and her depression was lifting. She could see the light at the end of the dark tunnel she had been in for so long.

Today, she isn't even using the chair and actually walked her youngest child to school last week. She said she was going to continue to walk her daughter to school in the mornings in an attempt to loose the weight she had gained from being in the chair so long. You have given her back her life. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I recommend you to everyone that I talk to who is in need of any kind of treatment. Pills are not the answer to many illnesses; you truly have a gift from God.

May the good Lord bless and keep you,

Lynne Holliday


In Thinking about Thanksgiving I was thinking about how Thankful I am for you.  Thank-You for all you have done for us this past year.   We pray for you often and Thank God for NMT work.
I hope your family is doing well and hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving.
Christy, Catie, and Kristopher in Georgia

NMT is a safe, Effective, and rapid Method of restoring of the Body's inherent Capacity to Heal

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